By the way, what red cylon is?

I often refer the startup screen of Android as "red cylon." Though I'd like to call it Knight Rider, I use "cylon" because of my respect to the gurus like;
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From: John Bloom
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 03:42:14 -0000
-- snip --
Update: Even as I type this I'm watching the "cylon" (red moving dot) startup screen on my Zaurus.
You will be amazed if you remember that the first Android SDK was released on Nov 12. It took only a few days for them to reach to startup screen.

But I didn't know what cylon means actually. I googled and found it's a character in Sci-Fi TV program, Battlestar Galactica.
o Cylon (Battlestar Galactica) - Wikipedia

Yep. It is Cylon.


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It's very cool to see that term got popular, but I really can't claim to be a guru. At this point you've accomplished so much more in terms of making Android usable on the Zaurus. Really, the work you've done is incredible. Keep it up! :D
Posted by John at 03/13/2008 11:06
Thanks, John.

I'm too much honored. Your words are very encouraging for me.

Telling you the truth, I thought it was a typo of cyclone. I happened to search "cylon" again in image search, then YouTube. Now I agree with you that "cylon" describes the startup screen very well. ;-)
Posted by androidzaurus at 03/13/2008 12:45
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