Android on Armadillo - Patch for frickering

Last month I reported Brilliant Service ported Android to Armadillo-500.
o Android Zaurus: Android on Armadillo-500

It has a minor issue. Flickering. Video driver of Armadillo-500 (drivers/video/mxc/) has pan_display() function, but Brilliant Service found that implementation is not good enough. Display flickers a lot. Finally they pointed out fb_set_par() initializes IPU all the time and come up with a nice patch.

o mxcfb.c.patch
o An article regarding flickering patch (Japanese)

The original kernel source customized for Armadillo-500 can be found in Support page of Atmark Techno.

The change in Android m5-rc14, double buffering requirement, causes a bit of trouble for guys who are working with real targets. Zaurus was one of them. OMAP5912 OSK was another victim. Dirk Behme kindly let me know he also fixed an issue in omapfb_main.c.
o Android on OMAP - eLinux.org

If anyone has trouble booting Android m5-rc14 or m5-rc15 on real target, these patches might be helpful how to implement double buffering support in frame buffer driver.

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I found bug line at mxcfb.c.patch file.


+ fbi->fix.smem_start +
+ (fbi->fix.line_length * fbi->var.yres),
+ 0, 0);

+ fbi->fix.smem_start,
+ (fbi->fix.line_length * fbi->var.yres),
+ 0, 0);
Posted by Lim,GeunSik at 04/22/2008 21:28
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