m5_rc14 porting - frame buffer needs double buffering and pan function

In a discussion at OESF, we reached double buffering in frame buffer driver is the key to escape from blank screen issue. Experiments by Mrflying and Cortez helped a lot.
o Porting M5rc14 To Real Hardware

Cortez made m5_rc14 run on his Zaurus finally.
o Android m5-rc14 working on Zaurus SL-C3100!

pxafb.c in vanilla kernel doesn't have double buffering and pan function. So anyone wants to port m5_rc14 to a real target, my suggestion is studying the Goldfish driver to know how implemented. Comparing fops is a place to start.


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Now i think my android is running more or less in my board,because I can enter android shell,And execute $ps

command ,It can show me the same processes as the emulator environment execept processes related to qemu and

glodfish.But i still can not see android logo on screen,And i use strace tools to find android is running ,And my

LCD driver can work well without android patch, I already added patch for supporting double buffering and pan

function. i do not know why? Any tips will be appreciated.
So, I have some problems: in the android kernel, LCD driver must be RGB 16 bit mode,does it?
,And is it 565 format or 555 format? Is frame console optional or mandotary?
expecting your reply, thanks in advance.
Posted by raula at 10/08/2008 00:56
Make sure you have /dev/graphics/fb0 instead of /dev/fb0.

Try logcat command on your console.

Android RAM console option is not required.

Posted by androidzaurus at 10/08/2008 06:14
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