Android on real handset

Wow! I say only wow! Great job!

Hands-on with Google Android-based E28 touchscreen phone

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This video is cool! These chinese guys realy did a great job. I want that handset. However I have done a little research and it seems the the SPV C600 has a similair setup (no touchscreen and wifi) like it. I have one lying a round so I am going to try to de a trick in getting it to install the Android image. I have downloaded http://www.business.orange.co.uk/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Business&c=OUKPage&cid=1142943309687
the update file to upload new ROM to the phone so it might work.
Posted by Kjeld at 02/15/2008 02:54
I must get one of these in my stock ...
Posted by Avatar Ng at 02/16/2008 01:24

May the force be with you :-)
Posted by androidzaurus at 02/16/2008 08:47
Avatar Ng,

Looking forward real product. Till then I play with my Android Zaurus.
Posted by androidzaurus at 02/16/2008 08:48
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