Yet Another Hotpepper Applet for Android

Adamrocker posted a new applet on his blog article, An implementation of map applet for Android. This is another mash up applet of Google Map and Hotpepper. He also included Yahoo! Map service as searching landmarks.

In his article there is a screen cast which explains well how it works. If you wonder where the link to the applet, Download the around_here.apk is the executable applet and Download the around_here.zip is a whole project including source code.

By the way, Adamrocker always posts his applets with source codes. His codes are very educational. Anyone who wants to learn how to write an applet for Android but doesn't have much experience in Java programming, yeah like me, his openess is very helpful.

As usual, I took some screenshots with my Android Zaurus.

With cursor keys, you can move around Tokyo. Anywhere you want to find restarurants, hit [R] key, then [L] key. An overlay window pops up and you get a list of restaurants up to 20. [H] key shows you a bit of help messages.
aroundhere1.png    aroundhere2.png

Type the number on the list then hit [Space] key. Detail information of the restaurant pops up. If the restaurant info has URL to its Web, you can go to browse by clicking it.
aroundhere3.png    aroundhere4.png

Restaurant search function uses Hotpepper Web API. There is another search function. Landmark seach, which uses Yahoo! Map Web API. It searches landmarks such as schools, theaters, banks near the location.
aroundhere5.png    aroundhere6.png

There is one note for someone who wants to build his applet from source codes. Using Hotpepper and Yahoo! Map Web API requires IDs which is unique to each developers. You must get your ID from Hotpepper and Yahoo!, then hardcode the value to
  private String HOTPEPPER_KEY = "hogehoge";
private String YAHOO_KEY = "hugahuga";
in AroudHere.java.

Have fun.

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