More hot Hottpepper applet

I introduced an Android applet in the previous post, More Android Applets, called Hotpepper developed by EAST Co. Ltd. Because the touchscreen of Android Zaurus still won't work correctly, I couldn't move across the map. I wrote it in the post.

Now, guys from EAST Co. Ltd. oviously read the artcle and came back with a revised version of their Hotpepper applet. The map window grabs the key focus, so I can move around Tokyo on the map. It is a really fun thing to play with.

You can download the applet from http://bizpal.jp/ocean.android/00002.


After launching the applet, you can move around on the map by pressing cursor key. Hit the [Enter] or [OK] wherever you want, the key focus goes to [検索/詳細(Search/Detail)] window. Just hit [Enter] again, the restaurants near the location are listed. Select the restaurant you want to see the detail then [Enter] and move cursor to [詳細(Detail)]. Detail information such as address, phone number, speciality dishes will be shown. The volume up key works as [Search] and the volume down key works as [Detail], too.

I feel really good about openess of Android. I left a comment only on my blog and guys from EAST Co. Ltd. picked it up. It is a fine example of Web 2.0 world.

Thank you very much, EAST Co. Ltd. Good luck in Android Developer Challenge!


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