Androitter - A twitter Applet

In the previous article, I introduced a twitter applet which is distributed at throw life blog. In my review, I commented "it works perfectly but the font is too small to read. A font size option might be helpful", then the applet author, Adamrocker, came back with updated version of his twitter applet. What a nice guy.

From his blog, Androitter ver. 3 - twitter applet for Android, you can download the whole project including the source code and binary. Just in case, for the people who cannot locate where the link is, this androitter3.zip is the direct link to the zipped file.

Let's see how it looks.

Androitter icon and login screen.
androitter-menu.png      androitter-login.png

In the menu, there's a new [Config.] option. And now I can select font size by nice looking spinner UI. Thank you, Adamrocker!
androitter-conf.png      androitter-spinner.png      androitter-large.png

This could be a good practice. Because handheld devices are often equipped with fine pitch LCD pannels, GUI design may not be completed only in the emulator. Typical PC LCD pannel's resolution is around 100dpi, but Zaurus'es famous Silicon LCD is 216dpi. It's like one fourth of the image size.

In the emulator, maximam zoom of Android web browser may look like too big, but on a real target, it would be nice size to see.

Well, next thing is uim and keyboard driver... Hmmmmm....

Anyway, thank you, Adamrocker!

following words are for Japanese readers. Don't have to be bothered to try Google translate. ;-)

というわけで。以前書いたスクリーンショットのエントリtwitterのアプレットについて、ちぃとフォントが小さいすぎとブーたれたんですけど、作者のthrow lifeの中の人が、親切にもフォントサイズを変更できるバージョンを作成してくださいました。AndroidでTwitterクライアント ver.3。いい人だ。ありがとうございました。






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