Android Zaurus on a ready-made Angstrom image

Good news. I tried today to build binderdev.ko as a module and insmod it to ready-made Angstrom-console-image. Android works.

It makes a lot easier for people who wants just a look how it works.
1) Download Angstrom-console-image from Angstrom library.
2) Install it to Zaurus.
3) Download this binder-angstrom.tar.gz.
4) Unzip it and copy binderdev.ko to Zaurus.
$ tar zxvf binder-angstrom.tar.gz
$ cd binder-angstrom
$ scp binderdev.ko root@zaurus:/home/root
$ ssh root@zaurus
# cd /lib/modules/2.6.23/kernel/drivers/
# mkdir binder
# mv /home/root/binderdev.ko .
# depmod -a
# modprobe binderdev
# ls -l /dev/binder
crw-rw---- 1 root root 252, 0 Dec 28 06:10 /dev/binder
# cd /home/root/android-root/dev
# cp /dev/binder .
# chmod 666 binder

Now just jump to Android stuff in my previous entry.

Revised start-android.sh would be;
modprobe binderdev
rm -f /home/root/android-root/tmp/*
umask 000
chroot /home/root/android-root /a.sh

There's a drawback. I couldn't build power.ko as a module. This power driver has built-in alram function which is bound to /dev/alarm.

Result is Alarm applet in API Demos doesn't work at all. Other alarm related applet won't work, I guess.
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