can't setprop net.eth0.dns1

Android applets on my Android Zaurus can't resolve DNS because DNS server address should be set with setprop command.
# /system/bin/setprop net.eth0.dns1 xx.yy.zz.qq

But... This command can not be issued in ssh console because Android runs on chrooted system tree.

So far I've tried;
o android-root/a.sh
o android-root/etc/default.prop
o android-root/data/local.prop
o android-root/etc/init.rc

None of these could set net.eth0.dns1 successfully yet. orz

Where should I look into?

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Change a.sh;

runtime &

Now I have a shell.

$ /system/bin/setprop net.eth0.dns1 xx.yy.zz.qq
could not set property

Posted by 安藤恐竜 at 12/25/2007 09:34
On the emulator;
$ adb shell getprop
prints out lots of props.

But on Android Zaurus, nothing. Something terribly wrong.
Posted by 安藤恐竜 at 12/25/2007 18:19
$ sqlite3 /data/data/com.google.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db
> select * from system;
> insert into system values(50, 'net.eth0.dns1', 'xx.yy.zz.qq');

didn't work.
Posted by 安藤恐竜 at 12/25/2007 18:24
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