Porting Open Source Android to Zaurus

Big congratulations to Android team and even bigger thanks to make things happen.

o Android is now Open Source

There is only one final touch left for my project.

I built Android framework from scratch as described in source.android.com and bring the image to my Zaurus. It works as expected with one exception.

I received SEGV everytime I type something on the keyboard. It is resolved by copy keyboard configuration files and change permission.
# cd android-root/system/usr/keylayout
# cp qwerty.kl Spitz_Keyboard.kl
# chmod 666 *
# cd ../keychars
# cp qwerty.kcm.bin Spitz_Keyboard.kcm.bin
# chmod 666 *

By the way, T-Mobile G1 is unleashed with debuggerd enabled. It means you can debug your application running on G1. It is really sweet.
o Developing on Device Hardware - code.google.com

I assume debugging over WLAN also works. If you have G1, this is worth to try, I guess.

From your PC installed Android SDK 1.0,
$ export ADBHOST="G1 IP address connected through WLAN"
$ ./adb kill-server
$ ./adb start-server
$ ./adb devices
$ ./adb shell
If it successfully gives you a console, now Eclipse environment should be able to talk to your phone.

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Do you have prebuilt images of all this stuff? Would you be prepared to share them?

Posted by Tim Chick at 11/17/2008 23:37
Hey guy, what you wrote is helpful.
Posted by Chinesekongfu at 12/10/2008 10:03
Thanks for all support.

Good News...

Now I have a working Android over PXA270 based Compulab EM-X270 target board.
If anybody have any issue to porting the Android over this hardware please feel free to ask me any time.
Maneesh Jain
Posted by Maneesh Jain at 04/29/2009 16:25
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