double buffer patch of pxafb for linux-2.6.26

The latest Angstrom development environment gives me a nice linux 2.6.26 kernel but there is a drawback. The frame buffer driver degrades a bit. Overlay function and higher color depth support is gone.

The source code of frame buffer driver in 2.6.23 version can not be compiled against 2.6.26 environment.

Based on the same strategy as 2.6.23 version, I wrote a small patch to handle double buffering and pan function for 2.6.26 version. Following is the patch file which is working fine for me.

o pxafb_doublebuffer.patch.bz2

The touchscreen driver is not working satisfactorily. Once I manage to make it work, I'll upload a pactch on this blog.

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Amazing work you're doing here. Very inspiring.
Posted by Theodoric at 08/31/2008 16:07
I don't know why this panning/flipping code is not inclued in the official kernel pxafb driver.

Can you tell us if android is useable(not too slow)on zaurus, Iwould like it on my c3000 for dailly use.

Great Work !!!!!
Posted by zaurick at 08/31/2008 17:51
what is the pan functions?
Posted by elad at 09/12/2008 15:21
Posted by Suren at 12/21/2009 22:58
I am trying to port jelly bean on blaze board. And for this, I am getting an erro "Couldm't find framebuffer HAL (No such file or directory)" Can you please guide me?
Posted by ashish at 12/14/2012 16:08
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