Network is up - Android 0.9 SDK beta

I checked system propertis in the emulator.
$ ./emulator &
$ ./adb shell
# getprop
There is a new property [net.dns1] and [net.dns2].

net.dns1 sounds very interesting, so I modified android-root/default.prop, adding;
OK. Network is up. Now I can browse the Internet and see Street View with Map application.

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android zaurus,
my android based on linux kernel 2.6.25 can run well on my hardware platform with your former help, and now i want to add wifi driver into android,make network work.
i already have made marvell 8686 wifi drive work well in linux 2.6.25, now i try to make it work under android too, how and what i should modify android ? in your article you mentioned that modified android-root/default.prop,is that all i should do ? thank your more detailed tips in advance.
Posted by ruala at 11/21/2008 01:43
I haven't study yet how Android handles WiFi. My case, let the kernel connect to WLAN before chroot to Android user land. Android needs to know DNS address only, where default.prop comes to.

If you look into /system/lib, you will find wlan.ko under modules directory. I guess this kernel module should be replaced by your WiFi driver. Please refer wifi.c source code at following source code tree.


Happy hacking,

Posted by androidzaurus at 11/21/2008 08:50
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