Android 0.9 SDK beta - Up on Zaurus

Android Rocks! Zaurus Rules!

Android 0.9 SDK beta now runs on my Zaurus C-3000.

Booting... Hello, Goodie.

Home Screen. A nice big clock.

Applications. I want more apps.

Tips for porting.
o Get kernel tar ball from http://code.google.com/p/android/downloads/list
o Look into mm/ashmem.c and drivers/android.
o Port ashmem and drivers/android to your platform. My case, linux-2.6.26 which the latest Angstrom uses.
o Double buffering and pan functions for frame buffer driver is now mandatory.

Things not working yet.
o Network. Where should I put net.eth0.dns1?
o Touchscreen. It works very poor.
o Keyboard configuration. Mostly same as good old qwerty.kl but not ported yet.
o Sound. Haven't check it.

Anyway. So far, so good.


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How did you implement double-buffering in the 2.6.26 pxafb driver?
Posted by Matt Reimer at 08/28/2008 07:54
yep. please refer my latest post.
Posted by androidzaurus at 08/28/2008 09:42
i see the pxa fb patch, do you mean the following line is necessary in android 0.9 beta.

.fb_pan_display = pxafb_pan_display.

Posted by elad at 09/12/2008 15:44
Can you post android 0.9 patch for linux-2.6.26?
Posted by Coolper at 09/17/2008 12:25
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