A patch for sound driver

Brilliant Service, who ported Android to Armadillo-500, released a patch of sound driver.
o Enabling audio on Android (Japanese)
o android-sound-patch.tar.gz

I have applied this patch to Angstrom kernel source. It works beautifully on Zaurus, too. Because Android uses /dev/eac as sound device, make a symbolic link;
$ ln -s /dev/dsp /dev/eac
If your Android is booted up by chroot, remeber to make symlink in android-root/dev, too.

Brilliant Service mentioned that this patch was originally written by Atmark Techno who is the developer of Armdallio. Big thanks to Atmark Techno.

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Sorry to make a request again: could you upload the compiled modified kernel? Thank you very much.
Posted by matthis at 07/31/2008 19:09
Do you know why I can not display video frame when playing video file on board?
But I can hear the sound.
Posted by Hiro at 09/05/2008 17:27
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