AT Commands

I found an emulator log of AT commands issued by Android to 3G module (well, for now it's a virtual device).

The log file can be created by following procedure.
$ cd /your/android/sdk//tools
$ ./emulator &
(wait for booting emulator up)
$ ./ddms
In the ddms menu, click [Device], then [Dump device state]. AT commands can be found in RADIO LOG section. I only checked Linux version of SDK. If other SDK doesn't have ddms, alternatively the log can be dumped by command line.
$ ./adb shell /system/bin/dumpstate
$ ./adb pull /tmp/state state.txt
Most of the AT commands match 3GPP specification. Some SMS related commands seem to be GSM based. 3GPP specification is available at a following page.

o 3GPP TS 27.007 AT command set for User Equipment (UE)

Initialization and PPP
+COPS=3,0; +COPS=3,1; +COPS=3,2; +COPS?
Outgoing Voice Call
Incoming Call

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