NetWalker x Eclair - Bootable Image

Though few will be interested in, here is a binary set of Android 2.0 (Eclair) system for NetWalker (Sharp PC-Z1)
o http://drop.io/eclairwalker091217/
and followed by How-To. A patch set is available on my github but they are for donut. I'll make Eclair version available some time later.

1) Recovery SD
In a terminal on NetWalker, run following commands to create a bootable SD card using recovery system image.
$ wget http://mit.sharp.co.jp/os.tar.bz2
$ sudo umount /media/disk
$ sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0
-> claim at least 2GB for Linux
$ sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p1
$ sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt
$ sudo tar jxvpf os.tar.bz2 -C /mnt && sync
$ sudo mv /mnt/etc/rc2.d/S01upfirm /mnt/etc/rc2.d/~S01upfirm

2) Copy Eclair system files and kernel
Continue to install Eclair and kernel. First download eclairwalker.tar.gz from http://drop.io/eclairwalker091217/ with Firefox on NetWalker.
o size 32,115,123
o md5sum df72d1f48e3d15c4ac93df9a20fb5adf
$ mkdir -p /mnt/android/eclair
$ cd /mnt/android
$ tar zxvpf ~/Desktop/eclairwalker.tar.gz
$ sudo mv /mnt/boot/boot.conf /mnt/boot/recovery.boot.conf
$ sudo cp zImage boot.conf /mnt/boot
$ tar zxvpf eclair.tar.gz -C eclair
$ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/lib/modules/
$ sudo tar zxvpf ko.tar.gz -C /mnt/lib/modules/
$ sync
$ sudo poweroff

3) Boot Android
Booting from SD is a bit tricky.
1) Press and hold both mouse buttons next to the power switch.
2) Press the power switch and hold for a few seconds.
3) Keep pressing both mouse buttons until Tux the Penguin shows up.
4) Login as root without password.

You can play with a console. First thing to do is depmod.
# depmod -a

Now is the time to boot Android by a familliar chroot commnad.
# chroot /android/eclair /init &

4) Tips
Key assignment.
FunctionKey Assign
OKF5, Mouse Left
MenuF1, Home Icon
BackESC, Back Space, Mouse Right
EndF4, Star Icon

Don't forget to change screen off timeout in Settings otherwise you end up loosing control in a few seconds. I'll recommend also set end key behavior to "Go Home" with Spare Parts.

To shutdown, press and hold F4 until a shutdown dialog comes up, then hit F5 twice.

5) Known issues
A lot of kown issues like,
No WiFi.
No Sound.
No SD storage.

Just a proof of concept, as usual. Any contributions are always welcome.

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