Android on NetWalker


I've ported Android on to NetWalker, sort of. Required patch files can be downloaded from my github.

This port is still very preliminary and unstable. Current status is just a proof of concept.

NetWalker has a good boot loader that allows us boot from SD card. You can create your own roof file system by following steps.

1) Download os.tar.bz2 and zImage from http://mit.sharp.co.jp/
2) Unzip os.tar.bz2 to SD card formatted as ext2
3) Copy zImage to boot/ directory on SD card
4) Edit boot.conf in boot/ directory
    - add console=tty1
    - remove quiet
5) Power off
6) While pressing [Left] and [Right], press [Power]
7) Keep pressing [Left] and [Right] until kernel boot message printed.

Now you have a root console. Kernel can be replaced by just changing /boot/zImage. Kernel command options are configurable by /boot/boot.conf. What a heaven.

To boot Android on NetWalker, follow the instructions in README and build kernel and Android system. Then copy zImage to boot/ and Android system to SD card. Now the time to do a familiar chroot to Android system directory.

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