Porting Open Source Android to Zaurus

Big congratulations to Android team and even bigger thanks to make things happen.

o Android is now Open Source

There is only one final touch left for my project.

I built Android framework from scratch as described in source.android.com and bring the image to my Zaurus. It works as expected with one exception.

I received SEGV everytime I type something on the keyboard. It is resolved by copy keyboard configuration files and change permission.
# cd android-root/system/usr/keylayout
# cp qwerty.kl Spitz_Keyboard.kl
# chmod 666 *
# cd ../keychars
# cp qwerty.kcm.bin Spitz_Keyboard.kcm.bin
# chmod 666 *

By the way, T-Mobile G1 is unleashed with debuggerd enabled. It means you can debug your application running on G1. It is really sweet.
o Developing on Device Hardware - code.google.com

I assume debugging over WLAN also works. If you have G1, this is worth to try, I guess.

From your PC installed Android SDK 1.0,
$ export ADBHOST="G1 IP address connected through WLAN"
$ ./adb kill-server
$ ./adb start-server
$ ./adb devices
$ ./adb shell
If it successfully gives you a console, now Eclipse environment should be able to talk to your phone.

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