double buffer patch of pxafb for linux-2.6.26

The latest Angstrom development environment gives me a nice linux 2.6.26 kernel but there is a drawback. The frame buffer driver degrades a bit. Overlay function and higher color depth support is gone.

The source code of frame buffer driver in 2.6.23 version can not be compiled against 2.6.26 environment.

Based on the same strategy as 2.6.23 version, I wrote a small patch to handle double buffering and pan function for 2.6.26 version. Following is the patch file which is working fine for me.

o pxafb_doublebuffer.patch.bz2

The touchscreen driver is not working satisfactorily. Once I manage to make it work, I'll upload a pactch on this blog.

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Network is up - Android 0.9 SDK beta

I checked system propertis in the emulator.
$ ./emulator &
$ ./adb shell
# getprop
There is a new property [net.dns1] and [net.dns2].

net.dns1 sounds very interesting, so I modified android-root/default.prop, adding;
OK. Network is up. Now I can browse the Internet and see Street View with Map application.

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Android 0.9 SDK beta - Up on Zaurus

Android Rocks! Zaurus Rules!

Android 0.9 SDK beta now runs on my Zaurus C-3000.

Booting... Hello, Goodie.

Home Screen. A nice big clock.

Applications. I want more apps.

Tips for porting.
o Get kernel tar ball from http://code.google.com/p/android/downloads/list
o Look into mm/ashmem.c and drivers/android.
o Port ashmem and drivers/android to your platform. My case, linux-2.6.26 which the latest Angstrom uses.
o Double buffering and pan functions for frame buffer driver is now mandatory.

Things not working yet.
o Network. Where should I put net.eth0.dns1?
o Touchscreen. It works very poor.
o Keyboard configuration. Mostly same as good old qwerty.kl but not ported yet.
o Sound. Haven't check it.

Anyway. So far, so good.


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Android 0.9 SDK beta

Long awaited Android SDK was finally released as 0.9 beta.

o http://code.google.com/android/index.html

I have tried to boot it up on my Zaurus. No luck yet. /init dies with a segmentation fault. Maybe I need to port some drivers from the latest Android kernel.

o http://code.google.com/p/android/downloads/list

Here is my first impression of the emulator.
  • Copy and Paste. Huge advantage to iPhone, for now.
  • WebView works much better than m5.
  • Street View rocks!
  • Conference call function. Android becomes a cutting edge phone.
  • Science Calculator.
A little tip how to get boot log of the emulator.
$ ./emulator &
$ ./adb shell
# mount -o remount,rw rootfs /
# mkdir /tmp
# /system/bin/dumpstate
# exit
$ ./adb pull /tmp/state state.log
$ more state.log
Since rootfs is mounted as read only, you need to remount it after booted the emulator.

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Current kernel image and cumulative patch

Following is an Angstrom image which is working on my Zaurus C3000.
o Angstrom-console-image-glibc-ipk-2007.11RC1-spitz-installkit.tgz

My case, lowmemorykiller is built as a module.
o lowmemorykiller.ko.bz2

I will not answer any questions about these binary files. AT YOUR OWN RISK, PLEASE.

Here is a patch file which can be applied to vanilla 2.6.23 kernel source tree. This is cumulative, including all Angstrom patches, Android patches as well as frame buffer, touch panel and so on.
o diff-linux-2.6.23-vanilla-androidzaurus.patch.bz2

Please note that redistributing Android SDK m5 is prohibited by the licence.
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