Android m5-rc14 on Zaurus C700

Wow! Android m5-rc14 runs on Zaurus C700!

http://d.hatena.ne.jp/steleto/20080411/1207928969 - Japanese
http://d.hatena.ne.jp/steleto/20080412/1207978273 - Japanese

Roughly translation is;
I can't believe myself. Android m5-rc14 runs on my C700! Even though I didn't port double buffer support in frame buffer driver.

What I have done is pretty much the same process with m3 porting. Build the kernel with Android patch and prepare the m5 images from SDK. That's it. Again, I haven't done anything for double buffer support.

There are some issues;
o flickering
o not tested network yet
o cursor key jumps around on Home menu
Big congratulations to steleto! Great job!

After I ported m5 to C3000 successfully, I looked into w100fb.c to check fisibility of C700. There's no mmap, so I thought it would be very difficult to port m5 to C700. But Android is way more flexible than my guess.

Current my guess is Android draws display by imageblit() if mmap() is not available. I'm discussing with steleto why m5 runs without double buffering in frame buffer driver. I'll post another article as soon as possible, if there is any progress in investigation.

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