RotateView for Android SDK m5-rc14/rc15

Gee. I forget to release m5-rc14/rc15 version of my RotateView.apk. Unzip following file and copy RotateView_m5/bin/RotateView_m5.apk to android-root/data/app as usual.
o RotateView_m5.tar.gz

It would be a fun thing to try to copy it while your Zaurus or emulator showing the Android Home menu. Right after copy is done, an icon pops up from nowhere.

A bit of story. The same day m5-rc14 was released, I ported my applet from m3 to m5 to see how the porting would be. Since then I work for booting Zaurus up with m5-rc14 all my spare time and totally forget about RotateView.

Cortez has already released his Android m5-rc14 installable image for C3x00, now I guess I better update RotateView too.
o Omegamoon blog - Latest Android m5-rc14 Installation Image for Zaurus SL-C3x00

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