Android on real handset, well sort of.

A lab of Tokyo University of Technology successfully ported Android on to their handset.

Unfortunatelly most of information about this handset is written only in Japanese.
o 工科大ケータイ (Top page)
o ハードウェアの詳細 (Specification)

CPU is PXA272 running at 416MHz with 128MB RAM and 64MB Flash. LCD is QVGA 2.22 inch. Network access is IEEE802.11b wireless LAN. I/Fs are USB, CF and audio.

Basically this handset is developed for academic and educational purpose of VoIP and SIP. Supporing Android is a good idea for educational usage because Android will be an open source.

You can actually buy a set at 700 USD price tag. But No support, No software, No English, No nothing. Just a piece of hardware. If there is anyone really deadly serious about how to get one, e-mail me and I'll contact them.

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