Android SDK m5_rc14 release

As previously announced, Google released a new version of Android SDK.

Geek news sites have some reports, like Gizmodo and Engadget. One advice for anyone trying the new SDK who alread have installd older one, read instruction carefully. You need to wipe out old data.
Then, run one of these commands:
  o Windows: emulator -wipe-data
o Linux and Mac: ./emulator -wipe-data
Wait for the emulator window to appear and to boot completely. Once it has, you may close the window and proceed.
Without wipe-data, you can not play with new API Demos.

These images are captured from the emulator. Home, image list view and 3D transition. New GUI APIs!
Screenshot-Android Emulator-m5-rc14-home.png    Screenshot-Android Emulator-m5-rc14-list.png    Screenshot-Android Emulator-m5-rc14-3dtrans.png

OK, that's emulator thing. Let's move on to Android Zaurus, my interest.

I've tried to boot the new Android image on my Zaurus. No luck yet. I've taken a diff between latest kernel source and previous one, then apply it as a patch in Angstrom development environment to make a matching latest kernel. No happy yet. I found binderdev.ko can not be built as module anymore. It should be built in tightly to the kernel as well as android_power.

By looking into the diff file, I learned power management modules are heavely patched. The reason why m5_rc14 can not be booted on Zaurus might be related to the power management, I guess. After booting up Android, I even can not see the famous red cylon. Just sits dead blank. Eventually Zaurus goes suspend mode. Once in a while it gives me a message
android_power_wakeup 2->0
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