A trouble to write a comment?

I noticed that a lot of accesses to the page for submitting comments. And me myself have difficulties to write comments back.

I guess the hosting site, seesaa.net, has some troubles for now. Even I was annoied a dead link of my own post a few days ago.

Please be patiant for now. It will be fixed at sometime later. If you have something to bark at me, send me an email to androidzaurus@yahoo.co.jp.

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More Android Applets

I introduced ComicViewer of Adamrocker a while ago. Since then he has updated the applet a couple of times and now the latest is ComicViewer3. This is the direct link of his zipped applet just in case if you have a bit of trouble to spot it.

Now the aspect ratio of images is more appropriate, so that no need to say pan. Memory leak issues are fixed and still it works comfortablly fast.

Shortcut keys are unified in both modes. Pressing [P] or [N] displays a previous or next image. Cursor keys work as what you expect for. And if your Android system is based on cortez or mine, the volume switch - up/down switch on the side of Zaurus - works same as paging.

ComicViewerV3.png      ComicViewerV3-1.png      ComicViewerV3-2.png

In OESF Forums, there is a post introducing an applet called Molib. When I tried it on my Android Zaurus, I was amazed by not only a beautiful Paris satellite map but also the French fonts. It is a fine example of how Android is i18ned.
Molib-1.png      Molib.png

Another applet comes out from a Japanese company called EAST Co. Ltd. The applet is Hotpepper, which is mash up of Google Map and a popular restaurant guide called Hotpepper.

The applet searches restaurants near the location on the map and shows restaurant information. It will be very useful if GPS is equipped. Sadly my Android Zaurus can not handle touchscreen correctly yet, I'm stucked at Shinjuku where the applet shows as default.

Hotpepper-1.png      Hotpepper.png

Have fun.
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Deadline extended! - Android Developer Challenge

Good news for applet developers.

Android Developers Blog: Deadline Extension for the Android Developer Challenge

14 April 2008 is the new deadline. We get a month longer.

And another news mentioned in this announce. Google will release new version of SDK in a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing how it will work on Zaurus.

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