ComicViewer - Android Applet

The author of Androitter - a twitter applet for Android - introduced a new applet.

This time, a ComicViewer. He puts Screen Cast on his blog, so that you can see how it works by just clicking the play button in the Flash on his page.

Update on Jan 19: Adamrocker updated his applet. He has fixed some memory leaks. So I revised links to his page. If you have installed ComicViewer v2 to your Android Zaurus, download his package and re-install, please.

The instruction how to try on your Android Zaurus will be;
o Download the zipped project file and unpack it.
o Copy comic_viewer2/bin/comic_viewer2.apk to android-root/data/app in your Android Zaurus.
o Pack your favorite JPEG or PNG image files in a zip file. Then copy it to your SD card.
o Set SD card to your Zaurus.
o Boot Android up.
o Go Application Folder and click [ComicViewer v2]
o Find /sdcard and press [Enter] key.
o Find your zipped image file.

Once you find the zip file, press [OK]. The image files in your zip will be displayed. You can browse trhough by pressing left and right cursor.
ComicViewer1.png    ComicViewer2.png

Then press [OK]. Now you are in View mode. [L] or [R] on the keyboard shifts the image left or right. [Up] and [Down] cursor key give you scroll. [Menu] has [Zoom In], [Zoom Out] and [Pan]. [Pan] is usefull because some image might be displayed in wrong aspect ratio.
ComicViewer3.png    ComicViewer4.png    ComicViewer5.png

Works in the landscape view as the same.
ComicViewer6.PNG    ComicViewer7.PNG

If aspect ratio is messed up, say [Pan].
ComicViewer8.PNG    ComicView10.png
This applet is a fun thing to see. It runs very light. You will be amazed how it works. It's way faster than the dogs in API Demo. But....


This applet is under development and you may come across some issues. Please do not get mad if anything unexpected happens. Keep it in your mind we are a test bed. Whatever happens it is caused by what we have done.

I would recommend to try this applet on following restrictions.

o Keep your zipped image file less than a few mega-bytes. Too big, too much.
o Once in a while, your Zaurus may be gone crazy. A lot HDD access and no response. In such a case, leave your Zaurus alone for a while. In ten or thirty minutes (I'm not joking), it will come back with "Activity No Respose" dialog, then say [Force close]. You'll be back in home.

These issues might be related to Dalvik GC and how an applet manages its resources. Further study is required.

Anyway, it's very fun thing to try this applet.



I didn't have any collections of image files, so I downloaded some from Miku Hatsune Tumblr to write this post.
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Boot Android up on Zaurus without chroot

I compared android-root/ file structure and Angstrom's /. It looks like not so much conflicted. So, I tried to boot Android up without chroot.

android-root/system and android-root/data have no problem as symbolic links from / to android-root. In /etc, only hosts file could be an issue, so keep Angstrom's hosts file. Other than it just spill them over.
$ ssh root@zaurus
# cd /
# ln -s /home/root/android-root/system system
# ln -s /home/root/android-root/data data
# cd /home/root/android-root/etc
# cp /etc/hosts .
# tar cvf /tmp/etc.tar .
# cd /etc
# tar xvf /tmp/etc.tar
Now I might be able to boot Android up with just two commands.
# chmod 666 /dev/binder
# android-root/init
Gee. I ended up looking at famous red cylon forever. From PC's another shell, I logged in to Zaurus to see the binder's permission.
$ ssh root@zaurus
# ls -l /dev/binder
crw-rw---- 1 root root 252, 0 Jan 18 02:58 /dev/binder
It seems to me that android-root/init re-constructs /dev with udev stuff.

After I rebooted my Zaurus, I brought two ssh consoles connected to my Zaurus, so that I could check the binder's permission while booting Android up.
# chmod 666 /dev/binder
# android-root/init

--- from the second console ---

# ls -l /dev/binder
crw-rw---- 1 root root 252, 0 Jan 18 02:58 /dev/binder
The permission had changed.

After a couple of try-and-errors, I found Android can be booted up by chmod the binder before Android switches to grapfical mode.

I revised start-android.sh.
chmod 666 /dev/binder
android-root/init &
sleep 1
chmod 666 /dev/binder
OK. I get Android up without chroot.

By the way, Angstrom mounts 30MB tmpfs on /media/ram. Now I can move /tmp from HDD to RAM.

Reboot again, then symlink /var/tmp to /media/ram.
$ ssh root@zaurus
# cd /var
# rm tmp
# ln -s /media/ram tmp
After I boot Android up, I see less HDD LED brinking than /tmp on HDD.

I expected more performance improvement by moving /tmp out to RAM, but it doesn't change much.

I'll play with this Android Zaurus for a while.

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