w3m for Angstrom

Today I spend some time to build w3m, the console web browser.

It is a proof of concept that CodeSourcery's pre-build ARM tool chain can be used for Angstrom development. Of cource we can follow the OpenEmbedded bitbake way though, it would be nice to have a toolchain for quick hack.

There are some tries and errors, I get w3m work on my Angstrom Zaurus.

w3m1.png      w3m2.png      w3m3.png

Just in case, somebody may look for executables, I uploaded the binary tarballs on this blog. I guess any Angstrom Zaurus can execute this image.

o arm-w3m.tar.gz
o arm-libgc.tar.gz

Copy both of them and unzip on your Angstrom Zaurus.
$ mkdir w3m
$ cd w3m
$ tar zxvf ../arm-w3m.tar.gz
$ cd /usr/lib
$ tar zxvf /home/root/arm-libgc.tar.gz
$ cd ~/w3m
$ LANG=c ./w3m http://hogehoge

Don't ask me why inline images are not displayed. I'm the first person who wants to know why. Maybe I forget to configure w3mimgdisplay to grab the frame buffer.

Anyway it is a proof of concept for CodeSourcery's toolchain.

I'll post another article in a couple of days how I built w3m and Boehm GC with CodeSourcery's toolchain.


というわけで、w3mをビルドしてみました。 CodeSourceryのツールチェーンは使えるのかしら?という素朴な疑問を解消するために。arm-w3m.tar.gzとarm-libgc.tar.gzを落として、上の囲みのように展開すれば動くと思います。



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Two more issues: sdcard and sound

There are a couple of things to do.
o Touchscreen is unstable.
o Keyboard driver is required. Still some keys can't be typed in, such as slash(/).

Adding to these I found more recently.
o Sound. No sound yet.
o SD Card

I tried this sample applet MusicDroid - Audio Player Part I | Hello Android a few days ago and found Android applets can't access to /sdcard.

I went back to the Android SDK emulator and booted it up with SD Card support.
$ ./mksdcard 16M sd.img
$ ./emulator -sdcard sd.img &
$ ./adb shell ls /sdcard
drwxrwxrwx root root 2008-01-11 07:02 android
drwxrwxrwx root root 2008-01-11 08:33 download

# ./adb shell ls /sdcard/android/
-rwxrwxrwx root root 17408 2008-01-14 06:54 media.db

$ ./adb shell
# cd /sdcard/android
# sqlite3 media.db
sqlite> .tables
albums audio_genres_map images
artists audio_meta thumbnails
audio audio_playlists video
audio_genres audio_playlists_map
Then tried on my Android Zaurus and get exactly the same results. So the Android system knows how to access /sdcard. But applets don't. It's really weird.

Second new issue is sound. I never heard any sound from my Android Zaurus. Today I tried this movie player applet Android - Video/Music player sample with a quick hack. Because I can't type some characters on my Zaurus, I set default URI in the source code.
After building apk, I copied to to my Android Zaurus.

vplay1.png      vplay2.png

It worked but no sound. Well, bright side is 3GP decoding works efficiently enough on Zaurus 400MHz XScale.

A lot things to do.
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