Thank you note for visitors from linuxdevices.com

I was surprised by the access log of this blog and found Penguinistas hack Android onto real hardware introduced this blog.

First of all, all the credits of making it possible to run Android on Zaurus goes to Benno
and gergely at eu.edge. I only followed their steps.

The article of linuxdevices.com assembles time line neatly. But I noticed a few epocs are missed.
o Willcom shows off an Android prototype - Engadget
o Android Porting to Real Target HW - NemusTech

Willcom Core Module Forum reportedly booted up Android before Nov. 27 and that makes them one of the earliest who successfully ported Android to real targets.
a refference article in Japanese: WILLCOMコアモジュールフォーラム、Androidの動作を確認

Regarding Android screenshots, the linuxdevices.com article says
all apparently captured from his Zaurus
Yes, I use fbgrab on my Android Zaurus. I usually open some ssh terminals up connected to my Zaurus while playing with Android. On an ssh terminal, I type in fbgrab command as it needed.


Sorry for a dirty shot (and fingerprint....), but this is only one pitcture I have for now. Though I bought a digital camera a week ago, I don't have much time playing with it.

Last thing.
His or her blog
Well, I'm he. :-)

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