setconsole and tty1

setconsole -v 1 command in android shell switches the display from Android GUI to a text console. But the text console on Zaurus couldn't work correctly because android-root/init wants /dev/tty1 which is already taken by Linux console.

A dirty work around. Change the Linux console to /dev/tty2. Edit the last line of /etc/inittab;
1:2345::/sbin/getty 38400 tty1
2:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty2
Then reboot and ./start-android.sh.


Pressing [Fn] and cursor at the same time switches the display between Android GUI and the text console. In the text console, Android shell commands like getprop, setprop, service call and mem_profiler can be executed.

In emulator environment, these commands can be run by adb shell.
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Screenshots of Android Zaurus

I was such an idiot I haven't thought of taking some screenshots, before crying for a digital camera.

ipkg install fbgrab, then take some shots.

Booting up from either Zaurus console or ssh. My script is ./start-android.sh.


Booting up. The famous red cylon.

Home. View mode can be changed by service call window 18 i32 1 command. Change 1 to 0 for portrait. 2 and 3 can be tried. Make the view upside-down, left-right flipped.
home.png    home-l.png

Browser. Japanese Kanji. Note that the menu is beautifully alpha brended.

Zoom. And zoom in more.
brawser3.png    brawser4.png

Google Map. Satellite and Traffic.
gmap2.png    gmap3.png


OpenGL. Rotating.
opengl2.png    opengl.png

Demo of twitter on Andriod, written by Adamrocker. Unzip the androitter.zip and copy apk to android-root/data/app.
androitter1.png    androitter2.png    androitter3.png    androitter4.png
I'm happy that I can confirm applets buit by Eclipse really run on a hardware. And not only the browser but also applets can display Japanese Kaji.

But... Fonts are too small to read. It could be much better if the applet has zoom function.

Touch pannel doesn't work yet. And I want Japanese input method. I wonder there is Java version uim. If so, wrap it up as Android service, I guess.
I forgot to mention the alarm function. If the kernel configured as ANDROID_POWER = y with patching android.diff, alarm applet works fine. /dev/alarm is the device file of it.

Alarm in API Demos. 15 seconds message comes up every 30 seconds. The alarm message comes up even running another applet.
alarm1.png    alarm2.png    alarm3.png
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さらに簡単Android Zaurus


SDカードにコピーしてZaurusに刺し、リセットボタンを押してから、OKを押しつつ電源オン。アップデートするだけでAndroid Zaurus。


android-root/initでAndroidを動かしてないので、DNSが引けないかも。android-root/startのスクリプで、zygote, dbus, runtimeの代わりに、init一発にすればDNSが引けるようになる。あと、/etc/network/interfacesにやっぱりusb0 gatewayがあるので、それは削除。

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・マイブログの【設定】 > 【広告設定】 より、「60日間更新が無い場合」 の 「広告を表示しない」にチェックを入れて保存する。